Daserco Mist Pac Ultrasonic Humidifier MP5

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  • Daserco Mist Pac Ultrasonic Humidifier MP5
  • Daserco Mist Pac Ultrasonic Humidifier MP5


Daserco Mist Pac Ultrasonic Humidifier MP5

  • Daserco Mist-Pac series of ultrasonic humidifiers are designed for space-saving humidification and replacement of steam canister humidifiers. Includes: Control Panel, 7’ power cord with 120 volt receptacle, and 12 power/control cord to connect the Master Panel to the humidifier.
  • Each unit is designed and built for simplicity of installation and maintenance. Simply plug the electrical cord into a standard outlet, and turn the humidifier on.


  • Plug 'n Go. Does not require hard power and control wiring. 
  • Quick connect/disconnect fittings for both power and water. 
  • Easy access to all parts. 
  • Uses energy-efficient ultrasonic transducers to produce a pure mist.
  • Instant ON and instant OFF humidification.
  • The transducers start humidifying the air immediately.
  • Capacity (# / HR) 5   
  • Dimensions L”xD”xH” 9x14x12.5   
  • Weight (lbs) 10    
  • Voltage/Power (watts) 120/140
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