Plastic Enclosed Disconnect Switch 63amp 3 Pole

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  • Plastic Enclosed Disconnect Switch 63amp 3 Pole
  • Plastic Enclosed Disconnect Switch 63amp 3 Pole


Disconnect Switch 63amp 3 Pole

  • Maintenance and Safety Emergency-Stop-Main Switches, in Plastic Enclosure, lockable IP66, Type 4X. 
  •  Switch disconnectors are to be used as an ON-OFF-switch where a high breaking capacity with high contact pressure and in fact better short circuit behavior is necessary.
  • These applications are: Main switches according to IEC/EN 60204 respectively VDE0113 with interlocking device, terminal protection and restrective contacts. Switch disconnectors according to IEC/EN 60947-3 and VDE 0660 part 107 with break distance for 690V. Motor switches 3-pole or 4-pole; according to IEC/EN 60947-3 respectively VDE 0660 part 107, motor switches series LT are dimensioned for switching high rated current AC3 and AC23A


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