White, Polyurethane Caulk (30) Per Case

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White, Polyurethane Caulk (30) Per Case

TremPro® 626 is a one-part, medium, gun grade polyurethane sealant.


  • Unique texture has been used as a perimeter sealant around window and door installations
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates without the use of a primer
  • Once cured, the product exhibits tenacious adhesion and has the ability to be subjected to stress and vibration as well as expansion and contraction within a joint
  • Tough, elastomeric, polyurethane sealant designed for a variety of uses within the transportation industry
  • It is especially effective in holding roof sheets in place against normal load vibration and air forces
  • Fasteners may be set through the uncured TremPro 626, which will act as a sealer.





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